Let’s Talk Activism and Migration 

11th May 2024
1pm - 1.45pm
Rotherham Minster

Join us for Let’s Talk Activism and Migration featuring speakers Lora Krasteva, Tchiyiwe Chihana, Debjani Chatterjee and Melinda Mo Martinez. Delve into a discussion with women from diverse backgrounds on the migrant experience in the UK, our roles in everyday activism, and its global impact.   

Meet the speakers:

Lora Krasteva is an artist, cultural producer and activist. Lora has a background in Political Sciences, Latin American and European Studies. Their work is socially and politically engaged, often co-created with others and centering historically marginalised voices. Recent projects include performances and exhibitions on becoming British and Blurring the edges – exploring social frontiers (in response to research done by Sheffield University on the South Asian community in Rotherham). 

Tchiyiwe Chihana is the Managing Director of African Voices Platform who leads a content creation company that showcases the diverse and rich stories of African communities across the continent and in diaspora. With over six years of leadership experience in media production, Tchiyiwe has a strong track record of curating and delivering content that is informative, educational, and empowering, through authentic portrayal of African realities and perspectives. 

Debjani Chatterjee is a poet, writer, storyteller, arts psychotherapist and double cancer survivor. With a background in the arts, race and interfaith relations, education, mental health and caring, she has published over 75 books. She has an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University for ‘outstanding contribution to Literature, the Arts and Community Service’, and an MBE from the late Queen. In ten years as Sheffield’s Community Relations Director, she also founded Sheffield interfaith.  

Melinda Mo Martinez is a human rights specialist and peace activist from Spain. She is part of the Roma community. She obtained her Licentiate in Law in Spain and her LLM Degree Applied to Human Rights at Sheffield Hallam University. Before coming to the UK, she worked as a lawyer and human rights defender for more than ten years with victims of atrocious crimes, irregular migrants, homeless people, refugees and children’s victims of Human trafficking and modern slavery in Nicaragua, Mexico, Mozambique, and Spain. Currently, Melinda is the Advocacy and System Change Coordinator at City of Sanctuary Sheffield. In this capacity, she also serves as the VCS representative for Sheffield in the Sub Regional Migration Groups. 

If you would like to get involved in the festival- we’d love to hear from you!

If you would like to get involved in the festival- we’d love to hear from you!

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